Movement quality. . Our body is our vehicle to move around the wo

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Movement quality. . Our body is our vehicle to move around the wo
Movement quality. . Our body is our vehicle to move around the world in and I've experienced my own injuries, pain & niggles in my body from poor movement patterns in my early days of yoga & crossfit training. . The injuries do have an impact on more than just the affected area. It effects your mood and mental state and can cause limitations that can impact your lifestyle and general state of being. . This is part of why I'm so passionate about movement quality because poor movement patterns plus repetition (when practices regularly) can lead to pain, injury, inflammation, weakness and restriction in the body. . So if you practice yoga regularly and you've never videoed your chaturanga I'd recommend doing it. Many of us including myself when I began my yoga practice drop the shoulders too low. This overloads the anterior or front on the shoulder and doesn't require you to build the same upper back or core strength. It's easy to dump into your shoulders even if your trying not to it. But a video won't lie and it's a helpful way checking in and getting instant feedback. . Then it's a practice of relearning new movement patterns which takes time but encourages a deeper mindfulness through movement and an increase in body awareness. . It's also a wiring of new pathways in the brain that when practices become strengthened and myelinated. .

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