Name: Hayami ( "早" is early."美" is beauty) Wakatsuki ( "若"

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Name Hayami ( quot早quot is early.quot美quot is beauty) Wakatsuki ( quot若quot
Name: Hayami ( "早" is early."美" is beauty) Wakatsuki ( "若" is young."月" is moon) Age: 15 Date of Birth: 19th of January Gender: Female Hero Name: Sonabat . Alias: The singing Bat Occupation: Student at U.A. (class 1-B) . Background: Hayami is the first born out of three children. As soon as she had developed her quirks, she quickly began playing with it and experiencing where here limits were. With the help of a singing tutor she figured out, which tones would have an effect and how to hit them right. . Quirk: Tone / Bat Advantage: instant effect | can "see" in dark places Disadvantage: can be easily tracked | is very dependent on how loud she sings | bad eyesight | sensitive to light . Stats: Power: 3/5 Speed: 2/5 Technique: 5/5 Intelligence: 3/5 Cooperativeness: 5/5 . Template by uunearthly on dA

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