PSA : anatomy !! is !! so !! much !! fun !! to !! do !! i became

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PSA anatomy !! is !! so !! much !! fun !! to !! do !! i became
PSA : !! is !! so !! much !! fun !! to !! do !! i became so extra when i was working on these pieces that we had to copy from worksheets because i was having so much fun doing them. i literally combined three separate drawings of leg muscles into one piece and color coded it so i wouldn't have to do multiple drawings and then spent an extra ten minutes lining the whole thing and shading just because i wanted it to look pretty. i never finished lining them because i got a bit busy but i kind of like leaving them as is because it helps show that it's actually a lot simpler to draw than people think. while we were doing this work in class everyone kept comparing theirs to mine and i wouldn't simple tell them what our teacher always told us : " that everything is made up of shapes " and that that's how i draw body parts ,, even when it's bones. i included some close ups to show how it actually is a lot simpler drawn than it may seem at first as it is full of scribbles and quick lines :) also just wanted to show that i took it a step further and labeled the parts of the leg haha *

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